As a teacher with experience on three university campuses, I have increasingly focused on helping students realize the inherent connections between the classroom and the world beyond its walls.

In order to make learning meaningful and relevant, it is important for me to understand where my students have come from, where they are as learners, and where they hope to go. I achieve this aim by crafting a classroom space where the students’ experiences of the world are shared and valued.

My student-centered approach ensures that students are not only the passive receivers of knowledge, but that they are actively engaged in the learning that occurs within the classroom.

I use a mixed-methods approach to help students develop their research, reading, and writing skills. I stress the processes of learning with tasks that build upon each other, intercepted with constructive feedback and opportunities for revision.

I wish for my students to be engaged, thoughtful citizens. I use experiential teaching and learning strategies to connect course content with my students’ local surroundings. In doing so, we become a community of readers, citizens, and learners in a shared place.

My peer and student evaluations continually reflect my success as a teacher. Comments highlight my availability, organization, and commitment to creating a safe and supportive classroom space.